Andrew Collins | Looper

Watch as Andrew Collins goes into the near future to review the Sci-fi/Thriller Looper, which was written and directed by Rian Johnson.


Andrew Collins | Parker

Watch now to see Andrew Collins navigate this Action/Thriller. This movie was written by John McLaughlin and directed by Taylor Hackford.


Andrew Collins | Men of Honor

In this true, dramatic story based upon the first black US navy diver, Andrew Collins gives you an insight into this brave mans journey. This film was produced by Bill Badalato and Robert Teitel.

22nd July 2022

Nope (2022) | Interview

The new horror/sci-fi movie ‘Nope’, featuring Keke Palmer and Daniel Kaluuya has become quite a favoured film amongst critics. The two actors discuss the struggles they had faced in this particular role, whilst the new heights that they had to take their imagination.

19th August 2022

Bad Sisters Junket

A story of Five Sisters premiering on Apple TV + on the 19th of August. Watch the journey of these five sisters, whom struggle to protect one of their sisters from a corrupt husband.