Modern Slavery Transparency


This statement sets out the steps taken and policies implemented by Narrative Entertainment UK Limited (NEUK) to identify, address and prevent modern slavery and human trafficking in the NEUK business and supply chain during the 2021 financial year (our first period of trading). We recognize that servitude, slavery, forced labour (including debt bondage) and human trafficking (collectively, for the purposes of this statement, “Modern Slavery”) are global issues and that no industry is immune.


NEUK is committed to ensuring that it does not participate in the violation of human rights and expects the same from its suppliers. Key points of progress in NEUK’s approach to modern slavery will include:

• Modern Slavery Statement available to all staff

• Up to date and annually reviewed policies and procedures around recruitment, proof of right to work and whistleblowing

• Ongoing collaboration with the TV Industry’s Human Rights Forum and other sector bodies

• Company-wide modern slavery risk assessment undertaken

• Introducing a Supplier Code of Conduct which specifically prohibits the use of involuntary labour, including bonded or indentured labour, in our business operations, including in our supply chain.

Our business

NEUK operates as a broadcaster in the UK media space and employs 50 people. Our operations can broadly be summarised as follows:

• Broadcast: NEUK operates traditional broadcasting on our seven channels, and we deliver our content on demand through numerous platforms

Whilst our broadcast operations are not identified to be high-risk industries in themselves, and are registered and established in low-risk jurisdictions (by reference to the Global Slavery Index), we are aware that we engage with third parties who operate in high-risk industries and jurisdictions through our supply chains such as cleaning and construction.

Groupwide policies and procedures

• How we treat our people

We actively and at least annually review our HR and recruitment policies to ensure that we comply with all applicable laws and protect the rights and freedoms of all those working within our operations. Our recruitment and employment policies address issues such as whistleblowing, discrimination, health and safety in the workplace, holiday and sick pay. We pay all eligible employees and freelancers at least the real Living Wage or real London Living Wage.

• Code of Conduct

NEUK’s Code of Conduct sets out our business ethics for all our employees and colleagues. It includes, amongst other things, the whistleblowing process for individuals to raise any concerns including in relation to modern slavery or human trafficking. All staff are invited to speak up if they have any concerns or suspicions that any violation has taken place and will be protected from any retaliation. NEUK’s Code of Conduct is easily accessible by staff via the Narrative intranet.