About Us

  • GREAT! movies

    GREAT! movies is the first film choice for free to air blockbusters, contemporary hits, cult classics and feature film favourites.

    GREAT! movies is available on Freeview 34, Sky 321, Virgin 425 and Freesat 302.

  • GREAT! action

    GREAT! action is the no-holds-barred movie channel that takes on all-comers and rarely leaves without a fight.

    GREAT! action is available on Freeview 42, Sky 323, Virgin 426 and Freesat 305.

  • GREAT! christmas

    Non-stop timeless festive classics celebrating the very best of cinema and moviemaking. GREAT! christmas features everything from old-school greats to modern masterpieces.

    Available on Freeview 52, Sky 319, Virgin 424 and Freesat 303.

  • GREAT! tv

    GREAT! TV is the champagne and shoulder pads channel celebrating the love and excitement of great drama and entertainment with a familiar mix of scripted series, nostalgia and popular gameshows.

    GREAT! TV is available on Freeview 50, Sky 157, Virgin 170 and Freesat 142.

  • GREAT! movies, GREAT! action, GREAT! christmas & GREAT! TV are run by Narrative Entertainment UK Limited.

    Registered Office: 87-91 Newman Street, London W1T 3EY. Registration No: 12769816. VAT Registration: 358 2187 77.